Frequently Asked Questions

     How does the forum work?

The Callback forum is a place where you can chat with the members of Callback and other fans.  It is highly patrolled, because we care about internet safety.  It is also filtered so that no one can use harsh or offensive words.  In the forum, we have plenty of fun topics where you can play games and get to know others, while staying safe at the same time.  You can make topics of your own as well.  To participate in the forum, you will need to create an account using Nabble.  It is easy, and best of all free.  You can sign up on the forum page of the Callback website (right here!).  You will be asked to confirm your registration by checking your email.  The confirmation link will take you to a Nabble page, which you can simply exit out of.  After this, you're ready to take on the Callback forum!